Sunday, 26 February 2017

Case Study - Beenox

Case Study - Beenox Trading time worked on project Beenox, a video game studio from Quebec City, needed a new employee time management system. Véronique Lessard, Recruitment Coordinator at Beenox, explains: "We needed to be able to manage vacations, time off and banked time. Since we are a video game company, it is essential for us to be able to know how many hours were worked on each project, and even per trade."More than a simple time sheet system, Beenox needed not only to be able to manage time sheets for its teams, but also to produce detailed reports. The system had to be easy to use for everyone: employees, team leaders, and payroll. "It's important to have a reliable system that quickly and easily enables us to access each employee's time logged," adds Véronique.Beenox chose softleanERP because the system fit their project management needs, but also because of its reporting capabilities, for example how much time each employee worked on each project. "Since the system is available in an unlimited users license, it simplified our license management tasks for SoftleanERP," says Véronique. "Moreover, we can adapt the system to our needs, simply by asking changes from Karine."Beenox keeps an eye on time At Beenox, employees login to SoftleanERP software to fill out their time sheets. They log time by project and also record the type of task they were doing. They manage their time off, vacation days, sick days and even their overtime directly in the system.Every Monday morning, team leaders and human resources use softleanerp's reports to make sure every one filled out their time sheet. At the end of the month, Beenox' management team produces a report that shows the proportion of time each employee spent on each one of his or her projects."The PM software by softlean erp is easy to use for everyone involved, employees as much as administrators. We can easily find what we're looking for. What's more, post-sale service is excellent. Each time we had a problem, everything was fixed very quickly," says Véronique.The end of fuzzy reports With SoftleanERP, Beenox was able to eliminate its time bank's margin of error. Moreover, by exporting reports to Excel, the team can manipulate data and really get the information they need, in the format they need to see it. SoftleanERP software brings more structure to time management, in a easy-to-use, error-free package. Furthermore, Beenox can follow its projects' human resources costs closely and by extension do a better job of following-up with its clients.Beenox : best place to work in Quebec in 2008 Beenox is a video game development studio created in 2000 in Quebec City, Canada. One of the most promising companies in its field, Beenox received the title of Best Employer in Quebec in 2008. Beenox was also awarded a spot on the Top 50 best video game developers from Game Developers Research, in March 2008. Beenox is a subsidiary studio of Activision. The company attributes its success to its talented team, a priority in the eye of the direction. More than 260 specialized employees develop games in the Quebec City studio.For more information visit softleanerp website.

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